Monday, February 22, 2010


Ergh!!!! What a boring day!!!! Work work work..... Honestly, I love this place so much, some of the colleagues are totally nice.... especially Kak lieya!!! hahaha... I Love her.... Can't imagine my day in office without her!!! For today, is one of the most relaxing day in office!!! Hahaha.... But too bad, feel quite weird to spend time like this in the office.... Hopefully tomorrow boss will come in... kinda missed her actually.... :)

So, what am i going to do tonight??? Is it gonna be another boring night again??? Really have to think out some night activity for myself!!! Hohoho.... Any suggestion for me??? Hurm......
Think think think!!!

I miss studying!!! So much.... I hate working life!! Even though through working i can earn some money for myself, i still longing to continue my study.... Hope in future i can find a rich husband, so that he can allow me to study study and study... All i have to worry is how to get good result and taking care of him... Working?? Naahh, my dearest hubby will do the rest!!! Hahaha.... What a silly dream of mine!!! still, it cost us nothing to dream right!!! :)

For now, all i can do is work hard!! To earn more money to get a better life.... :) GAMBATE!!! *Now considering to get involve in insurance again, still, can i do it????*

That all for today.... Cheer for myself.... Hoping for a better tomorrow!!!! ('',)v

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sadness 7/2/2010

~ The above date will be the most unforgettable day for me..........

The day started normally, a normal weekend. Hanging around at home.... eating, laughing, watching TV... etc.... Suddenly, thing turn bad when papa suddenly madly scold harez..... He scold and scold....... I was so insanely angry with harez cause papa scold me too.... It's always about him.... He and he stupid stubborn attitude. At that time, i was so depress and makes me call someone to pour out the sadness in my heart. Papa is uncontrollably angry at that moment. Then suddenly, papa collapse right in front of us!!! He seems like not breathing at all!!! What the *#@l!!!

I was so shock!! Tried to call ambulance.... Damn it!!! Please, why don't they pick up the damn phone!!! My mind was all so blur, nervous and cannot think straight... Call along, and kak long... Few minutes later, along and abang Khairol finally reached.... Still all of us do not know what to do!!! I was so scared.... I scared i will lost my dad forever!!!

Everything is so messy at that time... i can't really remembered clearly what really had happened at that moment... All i remembered is how scared am i!! Not sure when, the ambulance finally came... then all of us went to Sungai Buloh Hospital... The experience of waiting at the emergency room is so unclear.. The only thing inside my mind is hoping daddy will be ok soon..... I real hope that all of the things that happened is just a bad dream... But what else can i do?? It is a real life reality!!! Looking at papa lying on the emergency room, with all the wired on his body, i finally realize.... Dad.... I really love you... so so much!!!

Papa is getting better now... Still in the hospital though!!! For now, I'm taking over mama's place to take care of Harez and Liza... It is so tiring.... Thank Goodness that everything is getting Okay now!!!!

To friends and all dearest readers, do pray for my papa ya... may he get well soon!!!