Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy 2010!!!! =D

2010 has finally arrived!!! It's in a blink of eyes..... Bye bye 2009....!!!

Flashed back to 2009.... It has lots of bitter sweet memories!!! The ends of college life, going to a total new world, which is working life.... Sometimes it does sounds funny and weird. This is because all along it, many difference things that happened had changed us into a better persons!!! Hard day, choices that comes to our life, where we have to make tough decision that may change our whole life n future.... Life is tough....!! But in the end of the day, we will find out that everything will turn out just fine!!! SO why should we give up all the challenge that coming??? Though sometimes it driving us crazy, and makes us feel like dying.... So what.... God know what best for us.... So face it bravely!!! =)

I used to be a person who love to run away from problems.... For this new year, i would like to throw away this bad attitude.... It's bad for me, and bad for friends around me.... I have to stop hurting people that i love!!! To friends who used to hurt by me, with all my stupid and childish behaviour.... I'm so so sorry!!!! I love every each and one of you guys so much!!!

And to my love one.... I'm taking this opportunity to tell you that i really love you so much!!! Looking forward to meet you up!!! =) New year new year!!! So so excited with it.... Really forward on what may come in this new year!!! Hope that it will be a great year for me!!! Happy happy!!!!