Thursday, December 03, 2009

Life n Death

Hurm..... Relationship.... It's does drive people crazy sometimes!!!! And this time, it REALLY drive me crazy!!!! Am i doing the right thing?? Choosing the right path??? Once, a friend of mine told me that 'life is where we make a decision, and never look back!!' Yeah that's true, cause it is impossible to change thing that already happened!!!

All this while, i always wonder, is it possible if 2 persons who came from different world, with different background, different way of thinking, be together?? I do hope this whole 'different' thing wouldn't makes thing turn complicated or makes everything upside down!!!

Honestly, i hate the fact of differences between us!!! Two difference people..... Huuu..... Fine, no further comment in my blog!! :0

So messed up, so confused..... Every decision that we are making is in between life and death!!! Cause sometime, some small decision that we made can totally change our whole life!!! Good or bad?? It's all depends on our own decision making!!! Yeah, future is in our hand!! Still, it is such a scary fact!!!

But one fact that couldn't be change is i already rejected the offer!! Gosh!! i can't believe i did that!!! Going to oversea was one of my biggest dream ever!!! and now, i just rejected it as if it mean nothing for me!!! Now, it's seems like i don't even know who am i already!! Pushing my dream away... It's so not me!!! I was self-fish once, and the self-fishness has hurt one of the most important person... Not hoping the same thing will happen again!!!

Thinking and thinking!!! Maybe, I shouldn't regret the decision that I've made!!! i can't just walk away from everyone just like that!!! Papa is getting older now, i can't leave my family behind.... They need me!! And besides that.... i can't leave him too!!! I hope this little sacrifice can makes people around me happier.... Yup!!! It does feel painful now.... but time will washed away everything!!! No matter what happened, life still goes on!!! Let us be thankful with everything around us..... Appreciate it.... And don't let the precious peoples and things slip away....

Cheers for a better tomorrow!!!