Friday, October 16, 2009

ShOck N fInAlLy!!!

It's been almost 1year he walked away from me, left me with million of question, makes me wonder. I always asked my self :" what have i do wrong?? Why dos he has to walk away just like that?? am i really that bad?? why why and why???" the same question has wondering in my mind for such a long time.

Finally, in one night, 'Rinnngggg......" incoming message. Thought that message is from my friend. Then, OMG!!!!! I really cannot believe my eyes. It's him!!!! Telling me how much he missed me, asking me how's life, and much more other freaking heartbreaking questions..... All this time, i thought that i will happy if one day he will call me back and telll me how sorry he is, and how much he missed me. But obviously, I was wrong!!!! Why do he has to come back??? why did he come back after i have decided to let him go and forget everything about him??? Why??

After that night, i finally realise one important thing. He no longer important to me. After all, he already dead in my heart. And thanks to him, I finally realise that how impotant is that 'someone' to me.... :) Sorry if it sounds complicated and weird, but yeah!!!!! i'm so sure now!!! Though he is still trying to contact me lately, but SORRY!! I really HATE him now, I cannot accept him as my friend anymore. Thanks for everything, and please, keep dissappear from my life!!!! He can't blame me for my decision, cause i already told him once. Once i have made a decision, that's it!! There will no turning back. Frankly, I do honestly deeply falling in love with him before, but now, that feeling is no longer for him, cause someone has already took my heart away....... He is the one who has heal my brokenheart. Thanks to my beloved...... =)