Thursday, August 27, 2009

CouNt D0wN

Wee... After tomorrow, there will only left 4 days to go to finish my internship here.... So Excited! But at the same time, feel sad and scared too!!! Wanna know why??? Em... Let me tell u now......

I feel SAD- it is because all the colleague here is nice and great, i love them so much. Here, i would like to say thanks to everyone, kak wyd, Alphonsa, Sherry, Brian, Julie, Svami, Andrew, Bey and others. Ya, not forgetting another 2 who no longer work here, both of them are my everdearest friend and 'Sifu' here, Alexis and alex. Thanks a lot u guys for taking care of me, and taught me a lot during my internship at MyEvents. :)

I feel Scared- For this 3 month, supposedly every week, i have to send my report (logbook) to sherry, sadly until now, i still haven't started to write anything!! Nil!!! Silly me.... Now only 5 days left, and i really have to struggle to finish up the whole report for this 3 month.... Gosh...... What a smart girl!!

Now is fasting month, still as usual, i have to walk from Masjid Jamek to office, hurmm.... trust me... it so so tiring!!! * i do not think anyone here want to try this at home, hahahha*. One thing which make me really happy is, I finish at 5.... hahha..... Cool.....!!!

One more thing, really looking forward for tomorrow, cause im meeting up Waffle *my dear best friends while in college* for buka puasa..... Huuhuuu.... It almost one year++ i did not meet him up.... Wondering, how does he look like now?? Still my same old waffle??? or has changed into a whole new him??? Let's find it out tomorrow...... Hmm.... Itu sahaja luahan hati untuk hari ni.......
Got to go...... Peace!! ('',)v