Friday, March 20, 2009

Letting Go????

I believe, everyone have their own dreams. But, to fulfill each and everyone of our dreams...... It is one of the challenge in our life. Like everyone, i do have my little princess dreams. There's so many things i want to do before my one last breath, travelling all around the world, bungee jump, and lots more!! *i don't think i shall list out everything here, hehe..... ;p*
But lately, it seems like my dreams is getting further and further!! It almost like hard for me to garb the opportunity that just in front of my eyes. Yeah, it sounds like a total dumb to let go the precious opportunity, but, this is what we called 'prima-facie', an obligation that can be overridden by a more important obligation.
Growing up is an of course for everyone. In the process of growing up, it may comes out with lots of sweet and sour memory, it will be a big lie if someone tell you that he never have any sweet or bad memory!!! Neither do i!! I have a one simple happy family and a simple life as a student. But to be frank, i hate to grow up!!! I really hope i can be a little girl, forever........ Growing up mean that more responsible...... sometimes i feel tired...... My life is so tiring...... Problems keep on coming...... Like machine gun..... Non-stop!!!
I always wonder..... Why lately my life getting more and more miserable??? Why does all this happened to my...... I do know, everything that happened in our life have it's own reason. As what the old people said 'ada hikmah di disebaliknyer'! But...... my life is suck!!! I'm so so tired..... Ya Allah, give me some strenght, so that i can get thru all this smoothly and meaningfully.......