Monday, February 23, 2009


Final semester is not an easy semester for me..... laughter and sadness.... Different kind of emotions came to me one by one... Real hope i can overcome each and every one of the emotional problems calmly and professionally...!!!! Ahakss... :)

But for now, the most problem that i have to solve is my health problem...... :(

This month, there's lot and lots of assignment and report i have to settle. On Saturday, i went to alin's house to finish up our report on Business Strategy subject. To come out with a best report, both of us has stayed up until 4am just to finish up the report..... And 'happily', the next morning, when i woke up.... TADA!!!!! I'm having a fever!!! Gosh.... I'm S.I.C.K!!!! what Else can i do???? I'm the chosen one!!

Now I'm suffering for my fever, headache and super soar throat...... and i finally realize, our health is so so important.... cause once we sick, it's so hard for us to do ANYTHING!!!! I hope i can be OK as soon as possible, since this Friday, azlin and i will go to kuantan for our PSN convention ...... Really looking forward on it....!!!

My mid-semester break is around the corner..... Miss my papa and mama so much..... Also miss my cute little sister and chubby little brother.... it almost a month i did not go back to shah alam.... Miss my family so so much.....

Hope everything will get better soon.... And last word from me..... Even though some times people and problems will makes my life so desperate and sucks, still i love every each and one of my day here!!!! And guys.... Pray for me to get well soon..... Love ya..... till fingers meet keyboard again.... :p



"the strength comes when you're knowing what did you want to achieve.. "
hehe.. just pass by.. me last sem too.. but it my practical for my last sem. So sumtimes feel thesame too.. Just tried to get ussual bout that ok.