Monday, February 02, 2009

Business and Studies....

It’s been a while since I last updated this blog. Forgive me, but unfortunately quite a lot of different things have been happening that I had to deal with first. Alhamdulillah, everything’s finally settling down now and I can finally get back to my normal, n juz a little bit crazy life... :)

life in melaka is getting better..... for the first time.... i now started to fall in love with my life here!!!! i think maybe is because this is the final semester, so, everyone has started to be nice to one another!!! And besides that, im not only busy with my studies now, i also busy running my business, together with my two buddies or a.k.a partners, alin n anna.... 3 of us selling meilinna perfume.... (hehe... nice name huh... the name is stands for our name, mei alin and anna, combine them, it comes out MEILINNA!!) .

My life now is getting better than before.... now i realise one important things, no matter what happened in our life.... keep looking forward.... yeah, sometimes we DO have to look back, to remember the important lesson that we learnt, but what's in the future is more important!!
Eventhough my life now is a little bit hectic, and can also be describe it is superb tiring, but im gonna live my life to the fullest.... to make my final year at college to be more meaningful, memorable and the most importantly.... Happy!!!

Another things is, MARA is having a Skim Pelajar Cemerlang (SPC). This SPC is where MARA will sponsor all the best students to further their studies abroad.... the moment alin and i heard about it, both of us turns crazily happy because our dreams is going to comes true..... since 1st semester, we really, deadly dream of studying at overseas, especially uk.... and now... YEY... finally..... i have to study harder..... to makes my dreams comes true..... :)



well .. then .. goodluck in studying .. hope u succeed . melacca eyh .. which part of malacca? uitm? cool2 ..

Healthy Life-Style

Wow!! U really excited huh? hehe.. im practical student MPC also! Me heard about the further study also! hehe.. me n my housemate also have already apply to UK studies! Just wait for the answers! Even, If i didn't get the SPC(Skim Pelajar Cemerlang) i will try no matter to further study! hehe..

but aite now im doing business part time.. monthly my best income, RM3163.36. last month i've got RM1200.63, now, I try to saving my account, just incase need to use own money to further studies! Im just helping people being healthy!

N im practical Website Programmer. At Data-Speaks Co.

*hehe, i know u didn't ask me anythin, just happy to share with all my friends.

M.Hafiz Hanis
Mara Profesional College Beranang.