Sunday, November 09, 2008

Something from my heart.....

College life..... supose to be a nice and enjoyable,happy and memorable experience for everyone....yeah... That's the daily life in college, had taught me a lots about human nature.... the attitude of pretending, back stabbing, gossiping and etc. For me, this is the most precious experience and the BEST teacher ever!!!

Being in this college is not my dream... to be frank, at the beggining it was a BIGGEST NIGHTMARE ever!! But, the best things to be in this place are, i get to know one of the most good and supportive friend, learn how to be patient, change to be a better person than before, and one good opportunity to know what kinds of person can be my true friend, and what kinds of person can only be a friend for benefits!!

Next year gonna be my final year in this college.. my biggest hope is everything can be better and happier in my final semester next year. Anyway, our final examination has comes, to all my friends, put aside our personal conflict, lets study seriously..... and to my best friends, thanks for your support and love, thanks for being by myside whenever i'm in trouble... I love you!!! And together, let us march towards exellent!!!