Thursday, December 25, 2008

Farewell 2008.....

5 days more, 2009 will be arrive... really cannot imagine what is the new experience will i gain in 2009....

Goodbye 2008...
2008... Has give me lots of bad and good memories....
For 2008... I get to know with a great person, who inspired me a lots...
who had encourage when im sad....
who always support me in everything that i do....
makes me laugh, makes me cry...
What i really want to say is.......... i miss you.....

bad memories...
changed me into a better person, learn from my mistake
and maybe.. a little bit matured.... and taught me the true meaning of
bad things that happened show us the true colour of a person....

too many memories..... and it is hard for me to forget....
goodbye 2008...goodbye to all the bad memories....

for 2009, i wanna be a better person...
who success in everything that i do....
no more fighting... no more jealousy....
And what i want for my new year is....

Cheer up.... hip hip horrey!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bad Day

The bad day...
what a life.... life getting more and more misarable!!
the happy and cheerful has past....

hello painful day!!
missing someone like hell.....
me myself scolding others for no reason....

where's the old me???? where is she???
where is the happy and bubbly me goes????
i miss the old me... so much.....

sunshine of happiness....
looking forward to grab it....
and keep it forever...
into my pocket that full of sunshine....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The End

Hah... the title sounds scary huh...!!!

;) what i mean is the looooonnnng holiday has finally ALMOST come to an end!!

3 weeks more.... The new sem will start!! so excited....

What is my holiday like????

Hah... it's lonely, happy, a little bit desperate, a bit more happy....


BUT, the most importantly is... missing someone so damn much!!

Sometimes i really hope that i can get some magic, such as go to the future, reading people's mind..... so that i wll know...

what will happen to me in future.... and of coz...

I will know what people thinking about me.... or to more specific..... i will know....

what's in his mind..... right now....!! hahah......

Before this, one of my friend has told me that he's missing a girl sooo much!!!

he can't eat, can't sleep... he really miss her like crazy!!

when i heard to him, i will laugh and scold him, ask him to let go and give up....

cause out there, there are still many better person waiting for him......

But now, when things happened to ME.... I finally realise how painful it is!!!

The feelings of missing and loving someone is so WEIRD!!

It can be sweet and lovely.. and it can be a biggest nightmare ever!!

ANd it is so hard for me to tell him this 3 simple words- I LOVE YOU...

Now... i hope that i can go to him, hug him... and tell him....

How much I LOVE HIM!!!!!!

Now im looking farward to a better tomorrow....

hope everything will get better soon!!!!

I LOVE HIM.... I love my friends and my family!!!! ;)

Saturday, December 06, 2008


yey... Holiday finally came.....
what a holiday, time to rest n play, and time to put on lot and lots of weights!! ;p
for me, this is the most sour mix holiday....haha... hard to tell the exact feelings...
how i feel for this holiday... but one point that i can tell is... I feel TOTAL DISSAPOINTED to someone... someone which are quite important in my life... someone that always make me dream and think of..... someone which i feel like wanna slap and punch.... right now... hurm.... :'(

But... i have put on quite a lot of weight(sigh)... mama's cooking... hard to said no, haha... missing my friends, friend in ipoh, and melaka... i'm now updating my blog and staring at my bro... he's playing some online games which till now i cannot understands how he manage to play it day and night.... non-stop... ;p

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Something from my heart.....

College life..... supose to be a nice and enjoyable,happy and memorable experience for everyone....yeah... That's the daily life in college, had taught me a lots about human nature.... the attitude of pretending, back stabbing, gossiping and etc. For me, this is the most precious experience and the BEST teacher ever!!!

Being in this college is not my dream... to be frank, at the beggining it was a BIGGEST NIGHTMARE ever!! But, the best things to be in this place are, i get to know one of the most good and supportive friend, learn how to be patient, change to be a better person than before, and one good opportunity to know what kinds of person can be my true friend, and what kinds of person can only be a friend for benefits!!

Next year gonna be my final year in this college.. my biggest hope is everything can be better and happier in my final semester next year. Anyway, our final examination has comes, to all my friends, put aside our personal conflict, lets study seriously..... and to my best friends, thanks for your support and love, thanks for being by myside whenever i'm in trouble... I love you!!! And together, let us march towards exellent!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Stop right now, thank you very much
i only need someone who are worth trusty
and worth to be loved
i don't need pretender in my life....

cut it off, get out from my life
the existence of the pretender
will only create chaos and fight
life full of miserable and loneliness...

past laughter and happiness
has now comes to an end
sweet memory has turn into nightmare
and it all because of the pretender....

summon to the pretender
spread your wings and fly away
fly low to the hell
and may the peaceful will arrive...

this short poem is written by me...
this is how i feel after everything happened in my daily life....
sometimes, life can be so miserable...
but.. life still goes on...
what else can i do???? Just enjoy it!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Specially dedicated to.... Someone who important to me...


As I stare at the sky,
I see a shooting star.
I think of you
And all that we could be.

I made a wish
Upon that shooting star,
Hoping you would love me
The way that I love you.

When I looked into your eyes
I knew it was true;
I loved you,
And I thought you loved me too.

Since then you found a girl;
I wish that I was her,
But I am not,
And I won't stop wishing for you.

Day after day,
I wish you would hold me tight.
Kiss me with your soft gentle lips,
And say that you love me.

But every time I see you,
You're holding on to her;
You're kissing her so gently,
And saying you love her.

I love you more than words could say;
I wish I could hold you night and day.
I'll love you always and forever,
Even if you don't love me...

Poem for a.......

We're Not In Love

So often people say they found their lover in their friend.
I just have to wonder if they've found a means to fit their end.
I thought I knew you for so long, but now I've come to see
That this man is a stranger, and you don?t remember me.

For the first time in my life I wanted someone I could keep
To treasure me both heart and soul, to hold me in my sleep.
When I saw you I was overjoyed, my search at last concluded,
Who knew that I would come to find that I was just deluded?

Because as we grew together something still kept us apart,
I have your body and your mind, but I'll never have your heart.
And I still wish that we could have that true love and forever,
But reality stole my happy ending, leaving me with never.

And if you asked, what would I say?
Would I dare to throw it all away?
Would yes be right? Or is it no?
But we never ask, so on we go.

And still I know that in the end,
You're not my lover but my friend.
This is the truth that I despise
When I suddenly realize:

We're not in love.


Dance Upon The Wind.
by Intimate Knight

I wasn't looking for it, but some how it came, and found me.
Before I had a chance to react, it wrapped it's warmth around me.
Like a thief in the night, it has come and gone.
I have nothing, but that vision to reflect upon.

Until chance comes again, I'll let my thoughts dance upon the wind.
All day long, in my mind, I walk love's lonely street.
Like a tired man that longs to sit, but just can't find a seat.
Then, there it was again, up ahead, to light my way.

Only to vanish once more, just like all my yesterdays.
Until chance comes again, I'll let my thoughts dance upon the wind.
I don't know where I'm going, and where I've been isn't much to speak of.
I just know my heart is always showing, leading me to some far off love.

Just when I give up the fight.
Here it comes to make the bad things good, and the wrong things right.
Only to leave me lost and lonely again.
Drifting away as my thoughts dance upon the wind.

It has a name, I think they call it friend.

Monday, October 20, 2008


life.... is such a tiring and miserable things ever....
i'm so tired of this life...
y do poeple have to pretend to b others???
y can't they be themself????
i am who i am....
isn't this quote mean nothing to them????
i hate pretenders......
to anyone one, who wearing mask all this while,
please, throw it away....
be yourself.....
coz to be ourself, is the best damn things for our life!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I want my money BACK!!!!!!

hello everyone... oh man...!! what a day.... yesterday is the most scariest and saddest day in this semester... hmm... let me tell everone what happened....

what will you do if u suddenly lost your money, amounted RM250?? is it the "greatest" things ever?? ;o hmm... yeah, that what happen to me! yesterday after class i went back to my beautiful palace (hostel). After 1 whole tiring day, going back to our own room is the greatest things ever! But, when i checked on my locker, i found out my money that i keep inside had missing!!

what a day!! can't really describe how i feel now.... :'(

my annual dinner night

10.10.08... what a date... a day where will be the most rememberous day... haha.....
this is the day where i received my AKK (Anugerah Kecemerlangan Kolej) awards. a good appreciation for all my hard work since i enter the college.

There are quite a lots funny stories before the night. first of all, i don't ever remember that 10.10.08 will be the annual dinner night, what inside my head is the annual dinner is a month later!! silly me!! can you imagine, coming back from Hari Raya break to Melaka, without bringing the beautiful kebaya that i specially bought for the dinner night.... Gosh... what a day! most of my friiens call it as '' spirits of Hari Raya" since i went back to melaka without bringing my pencil case, calculator, sweater and etc... because of that, i have to ask for my perents to comes to melaka and bring all my precious treasure that i have forgotten to bring....

Oh ya, talk about the preparation of the annual dinner. after my parents bring my preetyu kebaya, my friends and i go for a 'little' shopping to find a suitable tudung to match with my kebaya. haha... and at last i've bought 2 tudung. one of my friend, anna is the most excited person in the shopping. she has bought new kebaya, new selendang, new high-heels and even new clutch.... a total brand new from top to toe ! LOL... ;D

Monday, October 13, 2008

tanda-tanda kiamat..... ;o

kita sebagai manusia biasa tidak diberitahu bilakah kiamat akan berlaku? esok, lusa, minggu depan atau tahun akan datang?? kita tidak tahu bilakah ia akan terjadi! namun yang demikian, yang kita pasti ialah kiamat pasti akan berlaku.

di dalam al-quran dan hadis ada disebut tanda-tanda sebelum kiamat terjadi. mudah mudahan ia memberi suatu peringatan buat diri kta yang lupa ini untuk bersedia menanti hari yang paling menakutkan itu!

terdapat terlalu banyak petanda yang tercatit di dalam al quran dan hadith, di antaranya adalah:

tanda kecil:

1. seorang hamba sahaya perempuan dikahwini tuannya.

2. ilmu agama tidak dianggap penting lagi.

3. segala minuman keras seperti arak diminum dengan berleluasa dan bebas, dan peminumnya sudah tidak mengenal dosa bahkan sebagai kebangaan.

4. jumlah kaum wanita melebihi kaum lelaki

5. lahirnya para Dajjal (tukang dusta) yang jumlahnya hampir 30 orang semuanya mengaku sebagai utusan Allah.

6. manusia gemar fitnah menfitnah.

7. banyak terjadi gempa bumi dimana-mana.

8. banya orang menjadi pemimpin, tetapi jarang sekali yang dapat dipercayai.

9. adanya anak-anak derhaka.

10. ramai anak dari hasil perzinaan.

11. kitab suci al-quran dihina dan diremehkan.

12. banyak terjadi bunuh membunuh.

13. ramai orang yang mempermudahkan masalah talak (penceraian).

14. adanya harta pusaka tidak dibagi.

15. banyak lelaki menyerupai wanita dan kaum wanita menyrupai lelaki.

itulah secara ringkas mengenai tanda-tanda kecil akan datangnya hari kiamat, yang mestinya masih banyak lagi yang belum disebutkan. akan tetapi yang sudah jelas, bahawa petanda itu sudah terjadi mulai wafatnya nabi Muhammad s.a.w hinggamunculnya imam mahadi.

petanda Besar:

1. matahari muncul dan terbit dari arah barat.

2. adanya bintang ajaib yang muncul. bintang itu akan berbicara (surah an-Nahl:82)

3. keluarnya imam mahadi.

4. keluarnya Dajjal.

5. turunnya Nabi Isa.

6. keluarnya asap (awan).

7. rosaknya kaabah.

8. lenyapnya al-quran dari mushaf dan hati.

10. seluruh manusia di dunia menjadi KAFIR.

itulah petanda besar yang berkenaan dengan terjadinya hari kiamat .

Semua maklumat berkaitan telah didapati sebuah buku yang bertajuk- Persediaan di hari kematian dan pengadilan di hari kebangkitan yang ditulis oleh abdul aziz ismail.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

me aNd MysElf

hye... welcome to my blog!!! life is so excited... lots of adventure. i am a normal and ordinary girl, who love to dream, dream and dream!! but every dream have its limitation. every girl has their dream...dream to success, dream to find a true love and etc....neither do i.... ;)

i came from a malay-chinese family,half malay half chinese. hehe!! to tell frankly,living in a mixed culture family is not an easy thing.chinese and malay culture,a totally different culture!! Chinese with their feng shui believe, malay with their 'pantang larang'... mixed those both together,will definitely sounds silly and funny. haha....

Thats all about me....